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SEO tips for 2013

At this time there are articles suggesting that, among the works to be developed in the coming year 2013 in the world of Internet positioning will be key to know the level of change that will suffer the famous Google algorithm. Here we have some keys for a good SEO development.

Some of the top tips to prepare for a potential new algorithm in the next 2013 will be:

– Must have a plan of actions that are performed within the web.

– Make a list of the links that are made.

– Knowing the influence of the links are made and how they will influence the SERPs.

– Ask tabulated measurements, at least one a week.

When we decide on modifications raise, it would be useful to see how they affect one by one to datod from there to extend to the whole of blogs, websites or other pages that we manage.

Stocks to Avoid in 2013

It will be interesting to note that each activity must be planned and evaluated later. You’re going to help us increase visits if we do not know, and what strategies are positive. Digital Marketing

is a key pint in this process.

As an example, here we introduce you to the following strategy we can develop for a website about weddings in Barcelona.

It’s not like a wedding in a traditional Catalan farmhouse to marry at a restaurant, and if you like in Barcelona it’s there, and it’s not in Murcia. We must therefore look at the concept and location.

Google Keywords that have selected

The keywords we selected in Spanish are the ones we haven here:

With these keywords that combine common stock, we will lay the groundwork for establishing a strategy for the new algoritmod and Google in 2013.

Now we just need to be defined what the landing page and organize it to the needs of internal search engine positioning marked by Google. The organization of the landing pages is essential to any SEO process and therefore look very interesting details called on page SEO.