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North Carolina – Public Arrest Records

North Carolina Criminal Records are files that can be accessed by the local residents of the state as mandated by the Freedom of Information Act. This record is those that the enforcing agencies of North Carolina such as Police Department and the sheriff’s office have generated.

A lot of information can be found on a criminal record of an individual residing in North Carolina. A detailed description of the physical attributes of the convicted individual are indicated on the file. Body markings such as birth marks, scars and tattoos are indicated on the document. A photograph of the individual is also included on the file.

One would be able to know about the crimes that the individual has committed along with the sentences and the charges given to the person. Additional information includes the schedules of any hearing or court sessions.


Residents in North Carolina

Criminal records are one of the important sources when conducting a background check. This is usually done by employers to filter out their employees and applicants. This helps them to ensure that they have people who can be trusted. By doing so, the company can eventually save their finances. Private investigators also refer to this document when conducting a criminal investigation.

In some cases, the document is used as evidence that is presented during court proceedings. People would also check out their personal records to ensure that the information that can be found there are true and correct.

One should be able to provide the information of the record that is being requested in order to have the request processed. Residents of North Carolina are only allowed to obtain a copy of their personal criminal records. If one needs to get a copy of the criminal files of an individual, one should secure a court order. The contact details of the requesting individual are needed to have the request processed.


North Carolina


Depatment of Public Safety in North Carolina

The office of the Department of Public Safety in North Carolina is where the criminal records of the state are being managed. One can also request for the record at the agency who issued the report. The one who needs the record may need to wait for days or weeks in order to get a copy of the file.With the Internet at our hands, there is no longer a need to wait for days.

Retrieval of a criminal record is now a breeze thanks to the Internet. Going to the office is no longer a need since it can be requested anywhere that has Internet connection. The results of the search are also displayed after a few seconds only, thus making it easier and convenient. There even websites that offer to do a free criminal records search but the results may not be as reliable as paid services online.

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