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e-learning and online marketing tips

e-learning and online marketing tips

Next in elearning: A couple of probabilities

The way forward for e-learning is closely attached to the way ahead for lifelong learning and in particular the coaching that firms develop.

It can be said that continuous training is critical to enhance individually and communally.

Basis for elearning

The basis on which to sustain the e-learning and lifetime learning are recognisable by all, and affect the sector as everyone else, but we have to mention:

  1. Professionalism.
  2. Quality.
  3. Profits.


Profesionalism: a key for success in Online Marketing

Professionalism is an element that should diffuse the actions of everybody concerned in coaching.

Not only professionals coaching (e-learning in this situation), but also the chiefs or folks responsible for implementing it in firms and institutions and obviously also those of staff/students participating in the coaching.

This is an important point for lots of online marketing actions but also for getting profits.

Continual training for employees

We must all comprehend the seriousness of continuous training for employees, for business and for this country, and thus we must insist, each from our position on the seriousness to use it.

The second factor we will see is the quality. And in this example if I refer more precisely to e-learning, because I understand it should also be one of the clearest trends for the way ahead for this type of training.

Define and design, manage and deliver e-learning quality is the only possible way to get results in the medium and long term. Otherwise we risk having:

  1. Disgruntlement among scholars.
  2. disaffection among managers.
  3. Suspicions in establishments.

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Price: One of the Marketing Mix elements

The 3rd factor, which should also mark decisively the industry trend is the cost of coaching.

We claim to institutions and other forums the requirement for what you pay for coaching to be a fair price for the customer and the supplier, because we are also witnessing a price competition leading to a decrease in quality and which will jeopardise the way ahead for the e-learning.

The way ahead for elearning is here, today and now.